For more than 40 years, rock 'n' roll has played an important role in the cultural development of modern society. No surprise then that D.O.M has chosen this media to communicate with the masses.

Both the original members of D.O.M were born in a small town of Sweden in the early sixties. As they grew up, considered being very normal and healthy childs, no one could guess what would emerge from the dark woods of Scandinavia.

In 1977 punk rock came along - now they met, turned to juvenile delinquents over night and learned to play in different punk bands. After a few years life took them separate ways.

P was a student of philosophy and political science. After his studies he was recruited to work for the government as a member of a secret think tank. Sadly, his then fiancée and love of his life run away with an actor. P was devastated and became an alcoholic.

Hank C, took another route and studied wolfs in the northern Sweden. Sometimes he was even living like one, witch started rumours about a savage wolfman!

By different reasons they both moved back to their childhood town and there they met again. "It was something calling" Hank remembers. P, now living a sober life after a failed career in the porn industry, suggested that they should get together and play some rock 'n' roll.

Their drummer - Roland - is the supposed lovechild of a sexstarved housewife and a X-box (!). According to the other members Roland should be regarded as a studiomusician and by no means an essential member of the group.

D.O.Ms next recruit Kip is a taciturn, serious kind of guy. Up until recently he was working as a sexologist, but when he found out that most people already likes sex anyway he decided to do something else with his life. Besides his drumming he also likes folkdancing and is a devoted knitter.

Zeke Zales, a deranged management wizkid, decided to join forces with the trio after his release from a southamerican prison (a missunderstanding according to Zeke himself). Note; Zeke is a licensed pharmacist.

Little else is known about them...